Dial-100 also helps by tracing caller’s location from general feature phone

Dialing 100 from the general feature phone can also help the police trace the location of the caller to offer assistance. So far Dial-100 has also assisted more than 52 thousand senior citizens. This information was given to the nodal officers of Madhya Pradesh State Road Safety Implementation Committee in the state level control room of Dial-100 today. Nodal officers were given a tour of the control room from the State Police Training and Research Institute of the State Road Safety Cell today.
Officers were given a tour of the dispatcher room, call-tracker room by the Dial-100 team and they were apprised with the system by reviewing the material to be placed in the dial-100 vehicle FRV. This visit was made by the popular public welfare dial-100 service of Madhya Pradesh Police to apprise them about the action taken on receiving information of a road accident. PTRI Assistant Inspector General of Police, Kumar Saurabh and his team were informed by Superintendent of Police, Dial-100, Veena Singh, about the Dial-100 service.
On this occasion, it was informed that there is 100% response on information of an accident. There are 110 call trackers in the control room. Of these, 24 dispatchers and 6 supervisors are working 24×7 for assistance. 1000 FRV and 150 FRV motor-cycles are working in the state. In case of any unfortunate incident, the officers are informed through the SMS system. The caller is also informed of the actions taken. It was told that call volumes of Dial-100 increase between 4pm and 10pm. Dial-100 also keeps on patrolling continuously.
On this occasion, Assistant Inspector General of Police, Anita Malviya, Prashant Sharma, Deputy Superintendent of Police Operation Training, Shivkumar Gupta and nodal officers of the concerned departments were present.