Directives to act in Nirbadha Abhiyan as per guidelines for handicapped and elderly

Bhopal: The Commissioner Urban Administration and Development P Narhari directed all the Municipal Commissioners and Chief Municipal Officers to act as per the guidelines set under the Nirbadha Abhiyan for the handicapped and elderly, to provide obstruction free environment to them. He instructed for construction of ramps and railing at the buildings of urban bodies, schools, community halls, parks and public toilets etc. for handicapped and elderly.
As per the guidelines issued under the Nirbadha Abhiyan, ramps of minimum 1.20 meter breadth should have 3 feet railing on both the sides of the staircase of main entrance of office building. There should be separate arrangement for handicapped in toilets of office buildings. Washbasin should have height of 750 to 850 millimeter. The height of tap of water tank should be not more than 815 millimeter. Indicators should be installed for the convenience of handicapped.
The minimum size of lift in multi storey buildings should be 2×2.1 meter or 1.50x 1.50 meter. In addition to office building, the minimum breadth of internal corridor should be one and half meter and corridor tiles should be installed. The maximum height of stairs should be 15 cm.