Eat seasonal fruits for glowing skin in monsoon: Samrah Akhter Clinical dietitian

Fed up with your dry and dull skin this season, try natural ways in which you may get your sheen back.
Monsoons and its humid conditions makes skin more dull, While we love the air & water combination a lot of us are not very happy with the state of our skin or hair right now. We must tell you that all is not lost.

1. Eat Seasonal Fruits : Monsoon comes loaded with seasonal fruits that may do wonder for your skin – all thanks to their high antioxidant content. Antioxidants prevent free radical activity. Some of the vitamin C rich fruits you may include in your monsoon diet are litchis, pears, jamun and peaches.

2. Avoid Oily Street Food : It is difficult to control cravings in this weather, but eating pakoras and samosa every day may make your skin toneless and demean its sheen. You should ideally monitor your street food intake during monsoon.

3. Stay Hydrated : Skin cells are mainly constituted by water; if they are dehydrated your skin looked parched and dry. To make sure your skin looks plump and radiant at all times, keep sipping into your glass from time to time. You can add some of your favourite fruits to the water to add more of taste and nutrients. Can include soups, fresh juices, coconut water to keep yourself hydrated.

4. Add Healthy Seeds : Yes, Do not toss away the seeds as they are a treasure trove of nutrients. Sunflower and pumpkin seeds are replete with vitamin E that may help your skin become younger, taut & radiant.

5. Avoid Sugar : Try to cut back on sugar too. When you eat sugar, the rush of glucose triggers a process called glycation. In this process, the sugar molecules bind in such a way that they make your skin age faster and look wrinkly with time.

Have a healthy and radiant days ahead!!!