Elderly man tied to hospital bed due to non-payment of bill in Madhya Pradesh

An elderly man was found tied to a hospital bed, at Shajapur’s City Hospital in Madhya Pradesh on Saturday (June 6), as his family failed to pay the remaining dues of his hospital bill.
Laxmi Narayan, 80-year-old, had traveled from Rajgarh district, which is 38 kilometres away from Shajapur area for his treatment. During the treatment, the family had paid a sum of ₹6,000, followed by another ₹5,000. However, at the time of discharge, the hospital asked the relative to pay ₹11,270 more, reported news agency ANI.
Laxmi Narayan’s family did not have the required amount, and due to the COVID-19 lockdown, they could not make any other arrangements. After the shockingly inhumane incident was brought to the notice of the administration, they assured the family that necessary steps would be undertaken at the earliest.
District Collector Dinesh Jain told ANI that they have sent a team from the sub-divisional magistrate (SDM) along with a doctor, to the hospital for investigating the matter. He added that the incident should not have happened and that they will ensure an appropriate action is taken against the hospital authorities.
Dinesh Jain also condemned the hospital’s response to the situation and assured that certain corrective measures are taken so that such incidents are not repeated.