Farmers” protest: Youth fly kites with messages written on them at Singhu border

After using loudspeakers, social media and distributing leaflets to carry their voices of protest against the three farm laws, a group of youngsters camping at Delhi’s Singhu border have found a new way of spreading their messages flying kites with slogans written on them.
These youngsters on Saturday flew kites – bearing slogans like “No Farmer, No Food”, “We are farmers, Not terrorists” – to carry their voices.
Perhaps these kites will reach the residences of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah. Maybe then they would know then what we want, Surdeep Singh, the brain behind the event said.
In the evening, we would cut the string of the kites, the youngsters said. This will help take our message to more people and make them aware of our fight, they added.
The young farmers, who have been camping at the border for over three weeks, said this innovative form of protest is being carried out to spread their message as far as possible.
“We all will cut the threads of these kites this evening. This will hopefully make more people aware of our fight and further spread our message,” said 25-year-old Singh.
His idea did not take long to find more takers as soon, many other protesters joined them in flying kites of different colours with messages written on them.
“People here our trying all kinds of peaceful means to make the voice of farmers heard far and beyond. Some are going live on Facebook, some distributing leaflets, and now this.
“Every form of protest is welcome here and we all should support it,” said Karamveer from Haryana’s Sirsa, who also participated in the kite-flying event.
Singh, who hails from holy city Amritsar, is accompanied by his cousins and friends at the protest.
“So many meetings but no result. What if PM Modi is not aware of our presence here?
“So these kites, which clearly says that they have come from Singhu, will tell him ””what we want””, and more importantly, ””what we are not””. Bas un waheguru eh kites unhade ghar land karwa de (Lord, please make these kites land at their residences) ,” said Singh.
Tens of thousands of farmers, mostly from Punjab and Haryana, are demonstrating at the national capital’s border points since late November demanding that the the three contentious farm laws be repealed.