I am healthy, not suffering from any disease, says Amit Shah

Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Saturday said he is “totally healthy” and not suffering from any ailment, dispelling rumours about his health on the social media.
In a signed statement, the home minister said in the last couple of days rumours have been spread by “some friends” about his health and that “some people even wished death for me” through tweets.
“I am totally healthy and I am not suffering from any disease,” he said in the statement in Hindi which was posted on his Twitter handle.
Shah said the country is currently battling the novel coronavirus pandemic and as the home minister of the country, he has been busy in his work till late in the night and hence he could not notice such rumours earlier.
“When I came to know about it, I thought let these rumour- mongers be happy in such unrealistic thoughts and hence I did not give any clarification,” he said.
But in the past two days, Shah said, lakhs of BJP workers and his well-wishers have expressed their concerns and he could not overlook their worry.
“That is why I want to make it clear today that I am totally healthy and I am not suffering from any disease,” he said.
Shah said that according to Hindu beliefs, such rumours make a person healthier and that he would expect these rumour-mongers to mind their own work leaving aside all these and let him devote his time in his work.
“I express my gratitude to all party workers and well-wishers for expressing concern and inquiring about my health. I thank those who have spread the rumours and want to say that I have no ill-feeling for them,” he added.