Lockdown: IT firm gets labour dept notice for layoffs in Pune

Pune’s Labour Commissioner office has issued a notice to Hexaware Technologies for alleged “non- payment of salaries for three months” and “termination of employees to maintain the profitability” in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.
The Labour Commission office acted on a complaint filed by National Information Technology Employees Senate (NITES), an organisation working for the welfare and benefits of employees in IT industry.
The company, however, denied the allegations and claimed that it has given 100 per cent salaries on time to all employees and not laid-off anyone.
“We received complaints from employees of Hexaware Technologies, Hinjawadi regarding non-payment of salaries for three months and termination of employees to maintain the profitability of the business amid COVID pandemic. The company has also notified the employees that the salary will stop with immediate effect,” read the complaint filed by NITES.
In a notice, the government Labour Officer S H Chobhe instructed the company to go through thestate government’s resolution, dated March 31, and take appropriate steps and apprise the labour commissioner’s office.
The notice, dated May 15, asked the firm to not terminate any employee and to not reduce salaries, failing which legal action would be taken.
In a statement,Vishwanath Joshi, Chief People Officer, Hexaware Technologies, said, “We have clarified to the Labour department that this communication is completely distorted and unfounded. At Hexaware, we have paid 100 per cent salaries on time and there have been no layoffs.” Without specifying a number, Joshi said employees have come out of projects as a part of client initiated ramp down but none of them have been laid off, and added all employees have been paid 100 per cent compensation.
Harpreet Saluja, general secretary, NITES, said the action by the company had put at risk the pay and jobs of more than 200 employees.
The company has violated the state government’s directions, rules and regulations, Saluja added.
“NITES demands strict action as the organization has failed to follow the basic policies of human rights and violated the Maharashtra government’s rules and regulations,” reads the complaint.
The firm termed the allegations “completely untrue”.
“Most of the employees who are in between projects are attending client interviews, undergoing re-skilling, upskilling programs, attending coaching session with competency managers etc. We have not communicated any intention of termination,” Joshi said.