Man seen pointing gun at unarmed policeman in Delhi arrested from Uttar Pradesh

New Delhi: The man who was seen pointing a gun at an unarmed policeman in Delhi last Monday during the clashes that took place in northeast Delhi has been arrested in Uttar Pradesh. 46 people were killed and hundreds injured in last week’s unprecedented violence in multiple areas in northeast Delhi over the citizenship law or CAA.
In a chilling video from Jaffrabad area, the man in red shirt, holding a gun, was seen confronting an unarmed Delhi Police officer, intimidating him and forcing him to back away with his hands raised before firing repeatedly into the air.
The gunman, who was arrested from western Uttar Pradesh’s Shamli district, has been identified as Shahrukh, a 33-year-old resident of Delhi’s Seelampur. He has no previous criminal record but his father is out on bail on drug trafficking charges.
A suspect was arrested last week but, on Thursday, police clarified he had nothing to do with the shooting.
In a video of the stand-off, shot on a mobile phone by an eyewitness standing on the roof of a nearby building, police officer Deepak Dahiya – who seems to be dressed in riot gear – is standing in the middle of the street as Shahrukh and at least six other goons approach him.
The video shows Deepak Dahiya standing tall and seemingly unafraid as Shahrukh saunters up, waving the gun – he fires once in the air – and shouting. As he walks up, stones rain down and tear gas shells can be heard exploding in the background.
He then points the gun at the cop, who retreats, holding his hands away from his body to indicate he is unarmed. The gunman then walks right up and shoves him away before firing a second time.
The video was one of several to have emerged from the violence in northeast Delhi.