Monkey business triggers false alarm over coronavirus

A video clip on social media showing a band of monkeys with samples snatched from a lab technician triggered a false alarm over coronavirus.
Some thought the samples being taken to Meerut medical college were from suspected COVID-19 patients, and could infect the monkeys and then people.
The blood samples being taken to the medical college turned out to be of patients suffering from diabetes and other ailments.
Meerut medical college principal S K Garg told PTI on Friday that the samples taken away by the simians were not meant for COVID-19 testing.
He said the samples were of patients affected by diabetes and other ailments. Garg said there is no need to panic, adding the samples were taken again.
The video clip which went viral shows a troop of monkeys snatching three samples from the hands of a lab technician. The technician was taking the samples to the LLRM laboratory at the medical college.
It also shows the monkeys sitting on a tree and chewing the sample collection kits.