MP: COVID-19 patient, suspect escape from hospital; caught

A COVID-19 patient and a coronavirus suspect escaped from a government hospital here in Madhya Pradesh on Saturday night under the pretext of taking a walk, creating panic among the district administration.
The two men were caught in the early hours of Sunday and re-admitted to Manorama Raje TB Hospital in Indore.
“One of them is a coronavirus patient while the other is suspected to be infected by the virus. They escaped from the hospital on the pretext of taking a light walk in the compound,” district chief medical and health officer Dr Praveen Jadiya said.
Search was soon launched and the two men were found at the houses of their respective relatives, he said.
They were caught with the help of police and readmitted to the hospital, the official said.
“Samples of those whom they met after escaping from the hospital are being collected to check for coronavirus infection,” he said.
So far, Indore has reported the maximum number 20 COVID-19 patients in the state. These include two persons who earlier died.
The state has so far reported 39 cases of coronavirus.