MP Police on alert, step up vigil in areas bordering UP

Madhya Pradesh Police are on alert in the wake of the killing of eight policemen by members of Vikas Dubey’s gang in Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur district and have stepped up vigil in districts bordering UP, officials said on Monday.
Eight police personnel, including a deputy superintendent of police, were killed last week at a village near Kanpur by the henchmen of gangster Vikas Dubey.
An accomplice of prime accused Dubey has been arrested, while the gangster is on the run.
Following the incident, police in the bordering districts of Madhya Pradesh’s Gwalior and Chambal regions are in regular touch with Uttar Pradesh Police, officials said.
Additional Director General of Police, Gwalior Range, Rajababu Singh said, “Madhya Pradesh Police are on alert and have been keeping an eye on the bordering districts in the wake of the incident in Uttar Pradesh involving gangster Vikas Dubey.”
“We are in regular contact with the Uttar Pradesh Police and their special task force,” he added.
Deputy Inspector General, Chambal region, Rajesh Hingankar also said they were in constant touch with the Uttar Pradesh Police.
“The SPs of Bhind and Morena districts have been specially told to maintain a strict vigil in areas bordering Uttar Pradesh,” the official said.
He said the police in the border areas always remain alert to check criminal activities and the movement of people and vehicles.