MP: Pregnant woman tests positive for COVID-19 in Morena

A pregnant woman, who had travelled from Gujarat to her village in Madhya Pradesh’s Morena district, tested positive for COVID-19, a health official said on Friday.
The woman, who is seven months pregnant, had travelled from Ahmedabad to Loki village with her husband on May 11, and had undergone thermal screening on her arrival, chief medical and health officer (CMHO) Dr R C Bandil said.
The couple reached the village after undergoing thermal screening at Ambah Hospital, but the medical team had not found any symptoms at that time, he said.
However, on May 12, the woman’s condition deteriorated due to heavy bleeding, following which she was taken to a hospital in Gwalior, where she tested positive for COVID-19, Bandil said.
A team from the health department has reached the village to collect swab samples from the woman’s family and has begun contact tracing, he added.