Passenger tries to forcibly open aircraft door, 5 deplaned for unruly behaviou

A group of 5 people were off-loaded from IndiGo’s Delhi-Jeddah flight on Tuesday for “unruly behaviour” with one of them trying to forcibly open a door of the aircraft as it was taxiing for takeoff, insisting that their two companions who lost their boarding passes be allowed to take the flight, officials said.
As the incident unfolded on board, the pilot brought the plane back to the parking bay and off-loaded the group.
The flight departed from the Delhi airport after a delay of around three hours, the official said on Wednesday.
Confirming the incident, IndiGo said in a statement, “Some passengers displayed unruly behaviour and were off-loaded to continue flight operations. A report has been filed with the relevant authorities as per protocol.” “A group of 110 passengers of connecting flight from Srinagar were travelling on this A321neo aircraft. Their two co-passengers were off-loaded at boarding gate as they had lost their boarding passes.
“During taxiing (for takeoff) the group leader demanded that two members of their group be accepted on board. Crew stopped him and convinced him to be seated on his place but again passenger shouted on board and tried to open the door,” the official told PTI.
Accordingly, the captain decided to return to parking bay.
Along with the group leader, three female and a male co-passengers were also off-loaded from the plane, according to the official.
The official stated that once the passengers were deplaned, anti-sabotage drill was performed.