Quality education and food essential to children for a better society: CM Kamal Nath

Bhopal: Chief Minister Kamal Nath has said that it is essential to provide children to get quality education and food for a better society and building a new nation. He said that Akshaya Patra Sanstha has taken exemplary initiative to provide hot and good food to children for making them physically and mentally healthy. Kamal Nath was laying the foundation stone of the Mega Kitchen Unit built by Akshaya Patra Sanstha in Bawadiyakala in collaboration with HEG.
On this occasion, Minister of Public Relations and Law and Legal Affairs PC Sharma and Panchayat and Rural Development Minister Kamleshwar Patel were present. It may be noted that an MoU has been signed between the Panchayat and Rural Development Department and Akshay Patra Sanstha on September 9 in the presence of the Chief Minister in connection with providing mid-day meal to children in government schools.
The Chief Minister said that to do a better job, it is necessary to have good thinking. Akshay Patra provides food to the children with a sense of loyalty and dedication. The Chief Minister said that only educated and healthy children are the future of the country. No nation can achieve excellence without it. Good food is must for children so that they become knowledgeable, their mental level should be sound. He appreciated the work being done by HEG in the field of social service. Kamal Nath said that the Corporate Social Responsibility Fund should be utilized by the industries in the areas of social service, which give meaningful results. HEG is working in this direction with a good mindset.
Ravi Jhunjhunwala, Chairman, HEG Limited said that he had very little experience in the government sector when the government itself took initiative to cooperate for a good cause. He told that in the past, the land which was available for construction of kitchen to provide food to the children, was not suitable for them to provide better services. Chief Minister Shri Kamal Nath’s government thought about this and provided with another land in Bawadiyakala. He said that it will definitely be convenient to provide food to the children on time from here. He informed that HEG will build a mega kitchen in Chhindwara and Bhopal with the help of Akshay Patra at a cost of Rs 15 crore with its CSR fund. He told that till now the Akshay Patra Sanstha used to work on a big project to provide food to the children. Chief Minister Kamal Nath inspired Akshay Patra to work on small project with his suggestions. As a result of this, for the first time this institution is starting a project to provide food to 8 thousand children in Chhindwara. With this, Akshay Patra will be able to offer its services in other small districts of the state. This was possible only due to the Chief Minister. He told that HEG is also working on another project in the field of social service in Bhopal which is named “Apna Ghar”. People of all ages who are living on the streets or are separated from their families are given shelter here.
In addition to this, the Chief Minister has met Mayank Gandhi Holkar working in Latur, Maharashtra in order to double the income of farmers. With his cooperation, efforts will be made to increase the income of farmers in Sanchi, Vidisha and Obaidullaganj by encouraging them in the field of cash crops. Through this, the income of farmers of Rs 20 thousand income is estimated to increase to Rs 5 lakh and the income of farmers of Rs 50 thousand income is expected to increase from Rs 8 lakh to Rs 10 lakh.
Vice President of Akshaya Patra, Chanchal Pati Das said that the experience of starting his project to provide food to children in Chhindwara and Bhopal has been amazing. His organization has started 54 mega kitchens in 14 states, but for the first time, the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh has been continuously taking follow up after talking about this project. He did not notice so keen interest in Chief Ministers of other states. Another example of how sensitive Chief Minister Kamal Nath is towards children was noticed when their organization discussed with the Chief Minister regarding the food served to the children and told him that food will be given to the children as per the norms set by the Government of India. The Chief Minister, by his experience and suggestions, changed those parameters and increased the amount of calories and protein in the food given to the children. He said that it was also a wonderful experience for them that how sensitive Chief Minister Kamal Nath is for the health of the children of his state.
According to the MoU signed between the Government of Madhya Pradesh and Akshay Patra, the mid-day meal to be given to the children in government schools will be distributed by Akshay Patra after the construction of the mega kitchen. The organization will provide food to 50 thousand children of 921 schools in Bhopal from next academic session.
At the starting, the Chief Minister laid the foundation stone of the mega kitchen by doing bhoomi-pujan. He distributed food to the children at the ceremony. The Akshay Patra Sanstha honoured the Chief Minister on this occasion. Additional Chief Secretary Commercial Tax I.C.P. Keshari, Principal Secretary Industries Dr. Rajesh Rajoura and a large number of citizens were present in the function.