Rs 1832 crore rise in power revenue collection

Bhopal: The power revenue recovery is constantly on the rise following the implementation of the Indira Griha Jyoti Yojana. More than one crore electricity consumers are being benefitted from the scheme. Rs 1832 crore more revenue collection has been made in year 2019 from April to November compared to last year in these months. This year total Rs 2017 crore power revenue collection was made in the month of November, which is Rs 413 crore more compared to that of last year in the month of November. Energy Minister Priyavrat Singh gave this information.
The Energy Minister informed that the three distribution companies of the state have made outstanding contribution so far in revenue collection. Rs 596 crore was collected by East Zone Power Distribution Company in November 2019, Rs 587 crore by Central Zone Company and Rs. 834 crore by West Zone Power Distribution Company. Rs 452 crore was collected by East Zone Company, Rs 488 crore by Central Zone Company and Rs 664 crore by West Zone Company during the same period last year. In the month of November, revenue of 31.71 percent more was collected by East Zone Company, 20.38 percent by Central Zone Company and 25.63 percent by West Zone Company. This is the highest in any one month after company formation.
Cash revenue recovery per unit in the state has increased from Rs 2 and 34 paise last year to Rs 4 and 14 paise in November this year. This is 77 percent more than the same month last year. In the Western Region Power Distribution Company, the percentage of increase in revenue realization per unit was 91.99 percent and in Eastern Region Power Distribution Company 81.57 percent. The cash revenue recovery per unit of Indore City Circle is Rs 7.78, Indore O&M Rs 6.16, Singrauli Rs 6.07, Jabalpur City Rs 6.06 and Bhopal City is Rs 5.99.