As Covid cases spike outside them, PMC draws up new list of containment zones

The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) on Tuesday released a new list of containment zones.

The area under containment has now shrunk from 9.28 sq km to 6.645 km. The number of containment zones has increased to 73 from 66, after the PMC deleted 24 zones from the list, added 32 new zones and modified 11 existing zones, including merging two zones.

Over the past few days in Pune, more new coronavirus patients have emerged from outside containment zones than within.

The PMC has focussed on creating micro-containment zones by going further micro to reduce the size of the zones to the minimum possible,” said Municipal Commissioner Shekhar Gaikwad.

In another trend, the areas that were among the least affected by coronavirus two months ago are now among the worst affected. The area under Aundh-Baner, Warje-Karvenagar and Sinhagad road ward office has seen a rising number of Covid-19 patients in the last one week.

The PMC has also decided to allow shops outside containment zones to stay open from 9 am to 7 pm, whereas earlier they had to close down by 5 pm.

The PMC had last redefined containment zones on June 2, when it declared 66 containment zones and reduced the area under containment from 10.46 sq km to 9.28 sq km.