Bharat Bandh: Bhopal and also close completely

Bandh also got support in the Bhopal and adjoining districts of Bharat bandh in protest against the amendment in the SC-ST Act. Shops, establishments are closed in most places since the morning. Even in many areas buses are not even running. There are reports of clashes with other areas including Hoshangabad, Sagar, Raisen, Vidisha, Sehore Rally and protest march are being organized in many places. Although markets are closed in most areas, the shops which are open are also being closed. There are tight security arrangements in the wake of the shutdown. The police is taking full responsibility.

According to the Sagar Bureau, all the small markets are closed in the city. Most of the schools and colleges are closed. Closing is getting comprehensive support. Section 144 is applicable in the district, in which the police is deployed on the racket. In the closed pro markets and main routes, they are roaming slogans. A large rally will be taken out in the afternoon and the memorandum will be given to the collector. Due to the bandh, passenger buses have not been seen since the morning and the bus stand is visible. According to bus operators, after seeing the condition of the shutdown till noon, decision about bus operations will be decided. Even here in Bina, markets are completely closed from the morning. People looked wandering around for the things needed. Closed supporters removed the bike rally and closed the market.

During the closing of India, workers of the SPakas organization came out wearing black tishart in Vidisha. Thousands of people came down on the streets and protested. These people are roaming around the entire city in jathas. Thousands of people joined the procession from Madhavganj. This procession reached the collector where the memorandum was given. Shops were closed from Vidisha District headquarters to Tahsil headquarter and large township. Due to the rally of the SPakas activists in the city, the highway was blocked. Actually the police stopped the traffic due to the rally. After the rally, police personnel restored the traffic.

Hoshangabad. Due to the bandh, closed supporters took out the rally at Hoshangabad headquarters. Shops were closed and closed. This rally of closed supporters for wearing black clothes, for black flags, went through different areas of the city. Rally reached the collector’s office. Here the police stopped the main door and did not let the protesters enter the collectorate. Some youths climbed to the main gate and tried to get in, the police stopped them on this.

Sehore. The impact of the bandh is visible in the Chief Minister’s hometown of Sehore district. Apart from the urban areas, all types of markets are closed in Ichwanga, Nasrullahganj Jawar. Holidays have been announced in the school-college. Closed supporters are roaming in markets while sloganeering. However, traders had announced a day before the market was closed and support for the bandh. In such cases, the main markets are closed and on the roads, there is less visibility than daily. Closed supporters walked in the markets and closed the shops which got open. Closed supporters threw those shopkeepers who had kept the shops open.

Rajgarh Rajgarh district is also being seen as a wider closure. Shops, establishments, school-colleges, petrol pumps are all closed. Closed supporters are protesting on the streets. There are reports of the closure of Rajgarh, Beaua, Suthalia, Khujner, Khilchipur and Kurwar.

Here in Chhindwara district, the effect of the shutdown is seen from morning. Merchants have decided to keep their shops closed until one o’clock. Apart from this, due to heavy rains in the area, there is not much movement in urban and rural areas.


Raisen also included in the shutdown show fully involved. In the urban areas only a few shops were opened which closed off by the closed supporters. In terms of security, the police force is deployed on main markets and main roads of the city. School-college and petrol stations are also closed here. Traffic on roads is very low compared to