BJP Chief Amit Shah, Ministers Meet RSS Top Brass Over Economic, Social Policies

New Delhi: On completion of four years of the Narendra Modi government, BJP chief Amit Shah, along with six cabinet ministers, met top functionaries of the RSS to deliberate on government programmes and policies.

The coordination meetings facilitated by the RSS are held every year for interactions between all the Sangh affiliates and the BJP.

Representatives from 35 RSS affiliates will participate in these meetings presided over by senior Sangh functionaries.

Joint General secretary Krishna Gopal and Suresh Soni are representing the Sangh top brass in the ongoing deliberations being held at Maharashtra Sadan in Delhi.

Both Sangh leaders and ministers also deliberated over the policies related to Human Resource Development Ministry, including the education policy.

The meeting assumes significance as it is being organised at a time when the Modi government has entered the election year.

During the deliberations, all Sangh affiliates presented their reports about the performance of the various ministries. The ministers also shared details of work done by the government and the projects or schemes that have been undertaken or were in pipeline, the sources said.

The meetings are likely to continue for two more days, and some senior ministers are expected to attend them.

RSS spokesperson Arun Kumar said, “Organisations working in the same field occasionally come together to share their experiments, experiences and observations. To enable detailed discussions these organisations are grouped in various groups working in the same field. They are grouped as seva (Service activities) vaicharik (Intellectual arena), arthik ( Economy), shiksha (Education) , samajik (social activities) etc. Such group meeting are taking place every year since 2007.”

He insisted that no policy decisions are taken in these meeting.