BJP’s Giriraj Singh does it again: Muslims in India children of Ram, not Babar

Union minister Giriraj Singh, known for making controversial statements , has been at it again.
During his Jodhpur stay, Singh made several comments which can raise temperature in political circles.
While speaking on the issue of Ram temple, Singh said, “Muslims living in India are children of Rama and not Babar. Ram temple will definitely be built in India.”
“Muslim brothers should cooperate in this because their and Hindus’ ancestors are one and both should not have any problem in coming together to build a temple for the ancestor. If a temple of Lord Rama, a symbol of faith for the crores is not built in India, will it be built in Pakistan?” he added.
Singh also could not stay away from the controversy surrounding filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s movie, Padmavati.
Speaking on the movie he said, “Why do filmmakers repeatedly target Hindu community only? Why is the valour of Padmavati being played with to hurt the sentiments of crores of people? Does anyone have the courage to make such a disputed film on any other community? Hindu is liberal. That is why, everyone always target this (community) only.”