BJP MLAs in UP protest against own party in Assembly

In a curious case, while the winter session of the UP state was in motion on Tuesday, a BJP MLA from Loni in Ghaziabad – Nand Kishore Gurjar alleged oppression at the hands of his own party, gathering the support of more than a 100 MLAs including around 60 of BJP alone with remaining joining from the opposition parties of Samajwadi Party, BSP and Congress.

Gurjar , who had a bone to pick with the state was not allowed to speak in the Vidhan Sabha by the speaker Hriday Narayan Dikshit following which Gurjar said it was unfortunate that a member of the ruling party was not being heard in the assembly. This is when SP and Congress MLAs who were staging a walkout over the citizenship amendment act also rallied in his support

A BJP spokesperson confirmed Gurjar’s protest in the assembly and said senior leaders of the party, including Suresh Khanna, parliamentary affairs minister has been trying to resolve his woes through discussions.

The seed of Gurjar’s disappointment with the state is a show cause notice presented to him earlier this month. The notice for which his reply was sought in a week was related to his alleged involvement in pressurising and then slapping a food inspector Ashutosh Singh to make him cancel the license of a meat-serving hotel in the town.

In a video, Singh had alleged that Gurjar had first called him to cancel the license of a restaurant that served meat. On his insistence that the restaurant was within the ambit of law, the MLA had asked him to “fabricate” a reason. He then called him over to his office where he threatened him and even slapped him.

On December 6, the UP police had accordingly arrested two representatives of Gurjar following the official complaint that was filed on November 27, ANI had reported. Interestingly, when the official complaint was filed against him and his representatives, Gurjar had also written a letter to the CM Yogi Adityanath saying that he should also be booked under the sections so that he can stay secure inside a jail as he was convinced that some people wanted to kill him.