BJP postponed mandi polls out of fear: Congress

“The chief minister claimed that election of mandi committees have been pushed back because of the severe drought condition in the state,” Singh said. “It is strange that droughts had no effect on the state foundation day celebrations or the functions organised to observe the completion of his 12 years in office. So, why should it have any impact on holding mandi committee elections?”
Singh emphasised on the fact that unrest has been growing in the agricultural sector in the state, ranging from Mandsaur firing, farmers’ suicides and police atrocities on protesting farmers. “The BJP is dreading defeat, especially after the Chitrakoot bypoll rout. The ruling party is afraid of facing another election,” he said. “The CM has cancelled the mandi elections in the excuse of a drought. This is shameful and clearly a violation of democratic norms,” he said, demanding that mandi elections are held on time.
The LoP also asked if the ruling BJP was celebrating 14 years in power in the state or the completion of 12 years of chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s tenure. He questioned why the state BJP celebrations are centred on chief minister Chouhan instead of the organisation. “This is the same party that says the organisation is bigger than any individual leader,” Singh said, adding that all “ostentatious BJP celebrations” are taking place at a time when farmers are struggling under debt in droughtlike conditions and are forced to commit suicide. “Fourteen years ago, BJP came to power claiming the erstwhile government was characterised by fear, hunger and corruption.
They gave slogans of bad roads and power crisis, accused the Congress government for malnutrition in children and crimes against women,” Singh recalled. “If people were that dissatisfied then, they should be happy under the BJP government now,” he said. Singh said the power situation improved in the state only because of projects started by Congress government. “How many power projects have been started by the BJP in its tenure?” he asked.
The state has purchased Rs 22,000 crore worth of energy without issuing a single tender,” he said. He also said that malnutrition among children and crimes against women have increased under BJP rule.