CBSE Class 10 and 12 Boards Datesheet: Quick tips to manage entrance and board exams

Board exams for Class 10 and 12 are just around the corner and while students are all set to appear for the CBSE boards, important entrance exams are also fast approaching. For the students who are having a tough time juggling between both the exams, here are some quick tips from experienced teachers for students to excel in both exams.
Focus on the CBSE Boards first
All experts from the educational field suggest on giving prime importance to the board exams. There have been several instances where the students have cleared the JEE exam but failed to outshine in the board results. Students should remember that the most of the entrance exams have experts from boards curriculum. Thus, teachers always advise the students to focus on the board exams during January and February.
Take regular breaks and indulge in light readings like journals and newspapers
Constant studying of the text books can be boring and also bring your brain to a saturation point where it cannot grasp any more. In such situations students can take small reading breaks and read light journals and daily newspapers. Yet another plus of reading the newspapers is that most entrance exams have a section of general awareness. Teachers suggest that reading such journals can be of high importance for the students appearing for entrance examinations.

Go for the toughest subjects in the morning hours
Experts suggest that early mornings are the best hours to study and memorise. A number of studies have also suggested that a student is most likely to remember the earky morning lessons the longest.

Prepare a timetable and stick to it
Not just in case of studies but in every field of life, it is good to be organised and priortise things. Students are the best judge of how much time they have to devote for a particular subject. A well-balanced timetable must have sufficient time for studies and rejuvenation.
Do not stress
Above all the above tips and suggestions, the most important tip is not to stress. Experts remind all students that the important part of examinations is the assessment of what they have been doing throughout the year. And there is always an undeniable luck factor too, thus stressing over things won’t help. Rather keep your mind free and take things easy.