Congress first family won’t be back in power: PM Modi

NEW DELHI: Expressing confidence that BJP will improve on its 2014 Lok Sabha performance, PM Narendra Modi said on Friday that the “first family” of Congress will never return to power even as he accused the party of rampant corruption and non-performance when it held office for decades.

” Ab yeh parivar Hindustan ke raj singhasan mein baithne wale nahi hain (This family is not going to sit on the throne of power in India),” the PM said in an interview to a private TV channel. Modi said BJP will retain its “absolute majority”, saying people had made up their minds to ensure NDA’s win in over 300 seats. He also said people had decided in favour of BJP and were not searching for a “competing face”.

When the people of this country have made up their minds to give the highest number of seats to Narendra Modi, then what can happen? The results are certain. There is no doubt about that… They have made up their minds to give NDA a mandate for a 300+ government,” he asserted, ruling out any post-poll opposition coalition.

He said India’s “satellite killer” missile test was not a random event. “Call it an adventure or an initiative, it doesn’t happen suddenly. You need to tell the global community that you want space at a particular time… to ensure there is no space traffic or collision (in outer space), you need to ask for open space, you need to fix that space. It is a long process,” the PM said. “If you go granular, you will find the opposition more scattered than in 2014. Tell me, has there been any agreement in Andhra, Bengal? Has there been any (agreement) with Communist parties? ” he asked.