‘Don’t like Enfields’: Rahul Gandhi reveals name of his favourite bike

Rahul Gandhi said he prefers cycling to drive a motorcycle and his favourite bike was the one he had when he used to work in London.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi in a recent interview said he nowadays prefers cycling to drive a motorcycle. In a chat with The Bombay Journey in Mumbai during the Bharat Jodo Yatra, Rahul Gandhi said he does not own a car, his mother does which he drives.

“I am not interested in cars, but I am interested in driving. I have a motorbike,” Rahul Gandhi said adding that he can fix a car and knows 90% technicalities of a car but he is not obsessed with cars. “I find as much beauty in an old Lambretta as in an R1. In some ways, Lambretta is more beautiful as it takes more effort to drive, it’s more dangerous,” he added.

“My father was a pilot and I learnt something from him that flying is partially about an aeroplane but it is more about the approach and attitude. My father always told me to fly the plane and don’t let the plane fly you which means a pilot has to be ahead of the plane,” Rahul Gandhi said.

As the interview proceeded, Rahul Gandhi said he never like Enfields, their brakes or balance though everyone loves them. Instead, Rahul Gandhi likes the RD350, he said.

“My favourite bike was the one I had when I used to work in London. That was the love of my life. Aprilia RS 250,” Rahul Gandhi said.

Driving in Delhi is dangerous, Rahul Gandhi said adding that he prefers cycling now because he likes to use his own power.

On electric vehicles, Rahul Gandhi during the conversation said the EV revolution requires foundation and India is nowhere there. “Foundation means the production of batteries. What is being done is all ad hoc. Another revolution that India missed is the drone resolution,” he said.