“Don’t Worry About Others”

In a life mostly time we think about others before doing anything.Mostly time our self confidence depend on others.It may be like”log kya kahenge syndrome”.We think about others rather than ourselves.As long as you live your life in such a way that your key of happiness will be on others hand which is not controlled by you,you will be a puppet in the hands of external factors.If you always want to please others,you want approval from others,always worried about feeling like “char log kya kahenge”than you will be in the trap of”pleasing to others”.We are human beings we cannot follow heard just because the society wants us to.We have different dreams and we strive to achieve them rather than please to others.

It is very difficult to please everyone in life but it is very easy to please your own self.I always have a fear of what people think about me or what
they are talking about me behind my back.But after lot of practice I learn ignoring negative comments and now achieving my goal without thinking how to please others.Just be yourself and don’t think about log kya khenge.
Worried about others is a trap which take over your entire life,and prevent you from doing what you truly want.Everyone is worried how others see the.The people who you are afraid of judging you are themselves worried about being judged by others.
Worried about others or log kya khenge is a racket its take away our strength and our capabilities.If you strongly believe in what you are doing,external factors like perception of others wouldn’t be matter.”So don’t be hostage of please to others.”