‘Ek Professor Ki Beti…’: PM Modi ‘Suicide Note’ Joke Draws Opposition’s Ire – Here’s What He Had Said

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “suicide note” joke during a news channel event evoked sharp reactions from the opposition with Congress wondering how the PM can be “insensitive about suicide”. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi hit out at PM Modi over a joke made by him involving a suicide note and said, “Thousands of families lose their children because of suicide. The Prime Minister should not make fun of them,” he said.
Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi also lashed out at the Prime Minister, saying the PM and those laughing heartily at his joke ought to educate themselves better rather than “ridicule” mental health issues in an “insensitive” manner.

Speaking at the media channel conclave on Wednesday, Prime Minister Modi shared with the audience a joke about how a professor spotted a spelling mistake while reading a suicide note by his daughter and wondered how she had got a spelling wrong despite his efforts for so many years.
Sharing the video of PM Modi’s joke at the conclave, Priyanka Gandhi tweeted, “Depression and suicide, especially among the youth IS NOT a laughing matter. According to NCRB data, 164033 Indians committed suicide in 2021. Of which a huge percentage were below the age of 30. This is a tragedy not a joke.”

“The Prime Minister and those laughing heartily at his joke ought to educate themselves better and create awareness rather than ridicule mental health issues in this insensitive, morbid manner,” the Congress general secretary said.

Citing the government statistics, the Congress said that in 2021, more than 1.64 lakh Indians took their lives in the country and asked how can anyone be “so insensitive” about suicide. “The Prime Minister is telling a ‘joke’ on ‘suicide’. How can anyone be so insensitive about suicide? Every day 450 people are forced to commit suicide in our country and this is a ‘joke’ for the Prime Minister,” the party tweeted.