“Hinduism and Female Foeticide”

Hinduism is the oldest religion in the world.It is the third largest religion in the world.Its followers are known as Hindus.Hinduism gives us lot of principles for giving our life such a right direction.We knows very well about abortion or female foeticide,so what our ethics says about this-
Hindu medical ethics works on non violence.Hinduism is against to abortion except where it is necessary to save the mothers life.Classical Hindu texts are strongly opposed to abortion.Abortion means to the killing of a priest,it is a worse sin,a woman who aborts her child will lose her caste.

Our law,our ethical values says abortion is a crime.We follows our Vedas,Upanishad and they donot support to kill a embryo.However abortion is not supported by Hindu culture in India,there are religious ban on abortion but sometimes it is overruled by the culture preferences for sons.This are leading to prevent the birth of girls babies which is called”Female Foeticide”.These may be connected to dowery system in India,person sees a girl child like a financial burden.These illegal thing which are performing by us creating inbalancing in sex ratio.India is facing ahuge inequality of male female child ratio resulting in a poor sex ratio in some region.
By-Lalita Rajput