How I wish he followed traffic rules: Hema Malini blames victim’s father for Dausa accident

Actor-turned-MP Hema Malini who was involved in in an accident in Rajasthan on 2 July which left a two-year-old child dead broke her silence on the issue with a tweet in which she wished the victim’s father for the accident.
The MP who returned to Mumbai last week started by thanking people. Interestingly, she notes that it is her work as actor which has brought her ‘good will’. She doesn’t mention her work as a politician.
The actor’s tweets are bound to add further fuel to the controversy that followed after the accident.
Soon after the accident, a raging debate dominated social media and mainstream media about the actor’s role in the accident – specifically, whether or not she should have been proactive and taken the injured child along with her to the Jaipur hospital. The girl’s father had also said that people had taken the BJP MP to the hospital while his daughter was left behind.
The actor on her part had remained silent and had condoled the family which lost it’s child. Her daughter Esha Deol later said that her mother was ready to help the family financially. Hema Malini’s driver was arrested following the accident.

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