India will have to be alert, conscious all the time with Pakistan: PM Modi

Having taken risky initiatives, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said India will have to be “alert and conscious” all the time but wondered with whom in Pakistan red lines can be drawn for conducting talks with the elected government or “other actors”.
He also said that India would have to drive home the advantage on the fact that the world is now convinced of its views on terrorism from across the border by continuing to put forth its views on this matter.
“The first thing is that with whom in Pakistan you will decide about laxman rekha with an elected government or with other actors. So India will have to be alert and conscious all the time. There should not be any laxity and negligence,” he told Times Now channel.
Modi was asked what is the ‘lakshman rekha’ for holding talks Pakistan because in 2014 it was said it will be only talks between the two countries and not with Hurriyat, the second was 26/11 and now Pathankot.
He said because of his consistent efforts like the visit to Lahore or inviting the Pakistan Prime Minister here that he no longer has to convince the world about India’s stand on terrorism.
“The world in one voice is praising India’s role. Pakistan is finding it difficult to answer. The world is watching. If we remain an obstacle then we will have to
convince the world that we are not like this.
“Earlier the world would not buy India’s theory on terrorism and sometime it would even treat it as out law and order problem. Now the whole world is accepting what India
says on terrorism. It is accepting the loss caused to India by terorrism, the loss caused to humanity by terrorism. I believe India will have to continue putting forth its view on this matter,” the prime minister said.