Karnataka Assembly Elections 2018: War of words

Sparring between netas in frenzied campaign mode has reached a crescendo with a combative Siddaramaiah countering PM Modi’s jibes and daring him to speak about BJP CM-face Yeddyurappa’s achievements for 15 minutes with paper in hand. In the final assault in Karnataka + before polling on May 12, it’s all guns blazing in one of the closest battles in recent times + . Here’s a lowdown on poll bites…

PM Narendra Modi: While party workers slog, the CM is following 2+1 formula by contesting on two seats and fielding his son. Ministers have 1+1 formula fielding sons & daughters.
Siddaramaiah: PM avoided talking about his complicity in closing CBI cases against the Reddy bros. Instead he spoke about some 2+1 formula…to win election. 2 Reddys + 1 Yeddy.
Siddaramaiah: I’m glad PM is talking about corruption. I invite him to walk the talk. For a start can you: 1. Appoint Lokpal 2. Investigate Judge Loya’s death 3. Investigate the astronomical rise of Jay Shah 4. Appoint an untainted person as your CM candidate?
Bs Yeddyurappa (Bsy): Dear #10PercentCM… Before we head up north to Delhi, why don’t you answer a few here: Why did you quash all powers of Lokayukta and make it a toothless body?
Amit Shah: Rahul should see how Siddaramaiah is trying to divide even Hindus… In reality, he is not an Ahinda leader but Ahindu.
Siddaramaiah: Amit Shah is a Jain. He needs to clarify first whether he is a Hindu.
Amit Shah: I am not a Jain, but a Hindu Vaishnav.
Amit Shah: Had Siddaramaiah read Kuvempu’s exhortation that Karnataka should be ‘a garden of peace for all’ he wouldn’t have divided kannadigas by recommending minority status for lingayats…
Siddaramaiah: Shah should’ve read the next lines of the Kannada state anthem composed by Kuvempu: Hindu, Chraista, Musalmaana, Paarasika, Jainarudyaana — a garden that is home to all religions.
Siddaramaiah: I have all the details… Kumaraswamy travelling with Shah in a private flight… their secret talks. I can release photographs… at an appropriate time.
HD Kumaraswamy (The CM’s son is Cong nominee in Varuna): It’s Congress that has struck a pact with BJP. The withdrawal of BSY’s son Vijayendra from the fray in Varuna proves it .
Kumaraswamy: Such baseless, irresponsible statements will make people believe Siddaramaiah is speaking like a drunkard.
Siddaramaiah: The BJP in Karnataka waiting for north Indian imports is admitting they have no state leaders. They’ve reduced their CM-face BSY to a dummy.
BJP Karnataka: Now we think it is time we teach CM the definition of import… for example: when you get Italian toiletries for your Bengaluru bathroom, it is import…
BSY: Congress party is known for its dynastic politics only.
Siddaramaiah: Yeddyurappa’s son BY Raghavendra was elected to Parliament and the assembly in the past. Whose son is Raghavendra? Is he not Yeddyurappa’s son? Shouldn’t we call it dynastic politics? These people (BJP) are fooling everyone.
Amit Shah: Minority status to Lingayats is only an election stunt by Congress.
Amit Shah: UPA rejected (similar) recommendation in 2013. The decision now has been taken only to stop Yeddyurappa from becoming the chief minister.
Siddaramaiah: Not an election issue. … I am neither a hero nor a zero in the religious tag for Lingayat issue. There was a demand for separate religious status and the recommendation has been sent to the Centre.
Amit Shah : More than 3,500 farmers have committed suicide over the last 4 years, but Siddaramaiah has termed it a conspiracy… this is pathetic. Insensitive.
Siddaramaiah: Central ministers come here to ridicule our loan waiver to 22.5 lakh farmers. BSY says he does not have a note printing machine to waive loans. Yet public sector banks have waived Rs 2.7 lakh cr of corporate loans. Why does Modi government favour a few corporate houses over millions of farmers?
Siddaramaiah: PM makes disparaging comments about certain Mysurians. Mysuru has produced tigers who fought the British, built a modern state, brought land reforms. Someone from Mysuru would never have allowed a fugitive runaway with Rs 11,500 crore under his Chowkidari.
BS Yeddyurappa : Well well, this ‘special someone’ (who abandoned Mysuru), did allow the very same fugitive’s uncle (#ChoksiScam), to escape… in 2015… none other than our own sleeping chowkidar (Siddaramaiah)?

Siddaramaiah: Repeat a lie 100 times… people will believe it to be true. You learnt this from Goebbels, Hitler’s minister. PNB, CBI, finance ministry and PMO slept on their job… you want to blame an unexecuted warrant in a junior court in 2016 in an unconnected case!

Siddaramaiah: I welcome Yogi Adityanath to our state. There’s a lot you can learn from us, sir. Please visit an Indira canteen & a ration shop. It’ll help you address starvation deaths… reported from your state.

Yogi Adityanath: Thank you for the welcome. I heard numbers of farmers committing suicide in Karnataka was highest in your regime… I’m working to undo the misery and lawlessness unleashed by your lies.
Siddaramaiah: If Yogi Adityanath comes here, it will be a minus point for BJP. In UP he’s failed miserably. In his own constituency, BJP was defeated…