Kashi owns me, I am imprisoned in your love: PM Narendra Modi

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s emotional address at an ‘intellectuals meet’ in Varanasi has left little doubt that he will contest again from the ancient town in 2019.

Addressing 500 Varanasi residents on Saturday, PM said the people of the town “own” him and that he was ‘imprisoned’ by their love.

The PM released a special 84-page booklet, titled Meri Kashi, at this meeting, recounting the various works he has done as an MP for Varanasi in the last four years.

“People of Kashi own me… I am imprisoned in your love. I am deeply touched how people from Varanasi, including children and women, write letters to me in Delhi. I feel indebted that Kashi accepted me as their MP… in fact; I have myself become a Banarasi now. Some come to Kashi when they die… I am lucky to have come here while I am alive,” the PM is believed to have said rather candidly at the meeting, as per BJP leaders who were present.

Modi told the audience that he keeps an eye on every small or significant matter in Varanasi and that the letters he gets show that people of the city consider him as a “guardian”, and he was honoured by the same. The PM also said he would continue to work for Varanasi till his last breath.

“This city has given me so much affection. Our bond is not about government programmes or budgets.

It is much deeper. My vision is a city with a mix of tradition and modernity…,” the PM said in a half-an-hour long address.