Mamata Banerjee threatens Modi on Modicare, says Centre cannot compel states

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has once again attacked the Narendra Modi government, her latest attack targeted at the Centre’s latest healthcare plan, which is being dubbed as Modicare.

“He says we will do the care… now a new health scheme. Where is the money? They say the states will pay 40 per cent cost of the scheme. Why will the state pay? If the state already has money, then why will we need any help? You cannot hold us responsible… you cannot compel us,” Mamata said.

Mamata said her government has not increased the tax burden on the people. “First they took away the piggy banks in the name of demonetisation. Then GST has compelled people to ask for cash memo for a 25 paisa sale. No shops are running anymore, and he says in speeches that ‘eat pakoda’. And then do what? Sell off everything?” Mamata said.

On her series of district tours the West Bengal Chief Minister has been holding this week for addressing administrative concerns, Mamata spoke on various schemes of the Modi government.

This is not the first time that Mamata Banerjee has spoken against the BJP government at the Centre and its schemes.

Attacking the Centre’s ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’ scheme, Mamata had raised questions on the funds allotted to the states.

“The scheme says 100 crores have been sanctioned for Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao. Na, Beti hatao. And there is no money in reality. How can 100 crores be enough for the entire country? How much will one state get in that case? Not even 10 crores for a state. They only say big things,” she said.

Trinamool Congress Member of Parliament Derek O’Brien had also raised the issue of the “poor funding system” and the “doubling of burden on the states for schemes” in Parliament last week.


Modicare, which the government claims is the world’s largest government healthcare programme, intends to provide 10 crore poor families with insurance cover against hospitalisation. It will cost up to Rs 12,000 crore annually and is likely to be launched on August 15 or October 2 this year.

The National Health Protection Scheme, now dubbed as Modicare, will be funded with 60 per cent contribution coming from the Central government and the remaining from the states.

The premium for availing the health insurance cover of up to Rs 5 lakh is expected to be around Rs 1,000-1,200 annually for every household, which will be borne by the Centre and the states.