‘Modi saree’ a new fad among women in Gujarat

NEW DELHI: After wedding cards and t-shirts with imprints of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on them, looks like it is the season of sarees now.

You can now own a saree with the face of PM Modi printed on it. The sarees are presently quite popular in Gujarat, the native state of the PM.

Just ahead of the Lok Sabha elections, the ‘Modi saree’ has been launched in Surat and has been selling like hotcakes.

Women can be seen flocking the market and buying different kinds of sarees with PM Modi’s pictures on them.
According to one of the shopkeeper selling the ‘Modi saree’, the photographs have been printed digitally on the sarees. “It is a different kind of saree which has been launched recently. It is very popular among women. Right now, we have at least four types of sarees with PM Modi’s pictures on them.”

“We might get sarees with faces of other politicians also soon,” said Ronak Shah, shopkeeper.
Recently, a Modi supporter in Hyderabad used the wedding invitation card + of his son as a platform to campaign for PM Modi’s re-election in the Lok Sabha elections this year. Wanting the BJP back in power at the Centre and Narendra Modi leading the country again, Subhash Rao Kishan Rao Yande, a 68-year-old, man asked for votes for Modi instead of giving wedding gifts to the couple.

Last year just ahead of Diwali, a jewellery shop in Surat had attracted the attention of customers by selling gold and silver bars with the imprints of PM Modi.

Earlier also, rakhis, t-shirts and mugs have been sold with imprints of the Prime Minister and have been a hit across the country.