“One India One Election”

India is performing in every area very well,our directin is toward developing country to developed country.GST,Demortization after that another idea proposed by our Prime Minister holding of simultaneous Loksabha and Assembly election all over the country.We know every coin has two aspects,in a same manner this idea have some pros and cons.
This is a appricable approach to boost our economy.Voters will be more aware beyond local issue’s like wider state and national issues.Elections become more expensive if it conduct simultaneously country will save money.It will give new employment opportunity to our younger generation.Public money will save at grassroot level.Election takes more time and mostly time parties involved in election campagin and many other fruitfull policies becomes on hold.If election become simultaneous more time will save and our leaders can focus on policies and governance.Our officers will be free as soon as so they can more effort toward nation’s welfare policies.
Loksabha and assembly elections were held simultaneously untill the mid 1960’s,but the premature dissolution of state assemblies in subsequent years disturbed the cycle.According to IDFC,there is a 77% chance that the Indian voter will vote for the same party for both the state and centre when elections are held simultaneously.
On the other side some problem will be like-for the smaller parties will be burden because elections become more expensive.Government will be trapped in short term thinking.Model Code of Conduct will be in force because of this without permission of election commission no policies will be applicable.
Although it may not possible to move toward simultaneous elections,it is a still worth debating,views of peoples through articles,analysis all are required for implementation this idea.The problem of premature dissolution has diminished significantly after the passage of the anti defection law and the Supreme Court’s landmark Bommai judgement.There are multiple issues if the country intends to move in this direction,but every change become creative it will not only have economic effect but will free up precious political space for policy discussion.But we knows “There is a Will there is a Way.”
By-Lalita Rajput