Nathuram Godse, Narendra Modi Believe In The Same Ideology: Rahul Gandhi

Wayanad: Prime Minister Narendra Modi believes in the same ideology as Mahatma Gandhi’s killer Nathuram Godse, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said today at his constituency in Kerala during a protest against the citizenship law.

Mr Gandhi, the Congress MP from Wayanad, tore into PM Modi on the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA) and said he was forcing Indians to prove they are Indians. He added that the Prime Minister was so “full of anger” that he did not understand Mahatma Gandhi’s idea of each following their own belief.

“Today an ignorant, uninformed man is trying to challenge this. He is so full of anger that he doesn’t know what India’s strength is. His ideology is the same as Godse. Narendra Modi and Nathuram Godse believe in the same ideology. There is no difference. Except Narendra Modi doesn’t have guts to say he believe in Godse,” the Congress leader said.

“Indians are being made to prove that they are Indians. Who is Narendra Modi to decide who is an Indian? Who gave Modi the licence to ask for my Indianness? I know I am an Indian and I don’t have to prove it to anyone. Likewise, 1.4 billion Indians do not have to prove that they are Indians.”

Paying tribute to Mahatma Gandhi on his 72nd death anniversary today, he said, “It was a day when one of the greatest men ever born in India was taken away from us. He was taken away by a person who was consumed by hatred. Nathuram Godse tried to kill Gandhi a number of times. And he succeeded in it. Godse hated Gandhi because he was in search of the truth.”