Rahul Gandhi quotes Albert Einstein to attack government on Covid-19 lockdown

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi continued his attack on the government over the Covid-19 crisis, this time using the famous scientist Albert Einstein’s quote to criticise the nationwide lockdown.

“This lock down proves that: “The only thing more dangerous than ignorance is arrogance.” Albert Einstein,” Gandhi said on Twitter

He posted a graph along with his tweet which shows the state of the economy and the number of fatalities at the start of March. The live graph then shows the drastic fall in economy and high rise in fatalities during the lockdown period.

During all the discussions, Gandhi has talked about the measures adopted by the government and how other countries are dealing with the crisis.

Last week, he targeted the government with an improvised version of Urdu poet Mirza Ghalib’s creation. “Everyone knows the reality of ‘Seema’ (border) but to keep the heart happy, ‘Shah-yad’ it is a good idea,” Rahul Gandhi tweeted sarcastically in Hindi along with the photo of Union home minister Amit Shah who spoke about India’s response to China during the border standoff at a digital rally.

The former Congress president got a response from Defence Minister Rajnath Singh in the form of a poetic attack on the Congress party. “When there is a pain in the hand then we should get it treated, but what should one do when the hand is the pain itself,” he tweeted in Hindi.

Singh had used another couplet from Ghalib to respond to Gandhi, but had replaced a word to attack the party.