Sachin Pilot is free so he attended funeral of Uri martyr: Kalicharan Saraf

In a surprising statement, state Higher Education Minister Kalicharan Saraf today said that PCC President Sachin pilot is “free these days” so he attended the funeral of soldier Nimb Singh.
Since Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje had her schedule pre-decided, she sent a senior minister to Rajsamand to attend the funeral.

“Pilot is free these days so he went. But the state government is also sensitive. The chief minister had her programme so she sent senior minister Kiran Maheshwari to Rajsamand,” Kalicharan told reporters when pointed out that Pilot was present at the funeral and the chief minister was not.
“It is not they (Congress) who will decide what the government will do. We have many things to do in the government and the government was represented there,” he said at the BJP office.