Secrets of Dera headquarters tumble out: Illegal abortion clinic, plastic surgery centre maintained by Ram Rahim

Sirsa: Several skeletons have tumbled out of the closet during the massive search and sanitisation operation of Dera Saccha Sauda headquarters in Sirsa – the famed den of the sect’s chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim who is currently serving a 20-year jail term for raping two sadhvis or women followers.

In the latest round of revelations, the police uncovered a secret illegal abortion clinic inside the premises.

Singh, who left no stone unturned to create a luxurious sultanate and live like a king inside the sect’s headquarters in Haryana’s Sirsa, had claimed to be impotent in front of the judge.

Last week, a team of jail doctors, who examined Singh, claimed that Singh is a sex addict and showed typical symptoms of withdrawal.

An illegal skin grafting clinic was also found inside the Dera headquarters.

The search operations also revealed that Singh had a penchant for luxury cars and even circulated currency ‘Gurmeet Ram Rahim’s plastic currency’.

A secret tunnel and passageway connecting Singh’s quarters to the hostel of his female disciples were unearthed on the second day of the sanitisation exercise at the Dera headquarters on Sunday.