‘She Saw A Jawan And Screamed’: Kashmir Girl’s Mother After 4 Days, 5 Deaths

The schoolgirl from Handwara – whose alleged molestation by a security personnel had triggered protests across the Kashmir Valley – and her father has been illegally detained by the police, her mother has said. She also told NDTV that the girl’s statement to the police, pointing to misbehavior by a local boy, was given under pressure.

Narrating the sequence of events, the mother told NDTV: “After school, she came out with other girls and went to the washroom in the market. When she went in an army jawan emerged… She screamed. The boys who were there could not tolerate the screams of their sister. A crowd assembled. The police and army opened fire.”

After Tuesday’s protests by locals — who alleged that the girl had been molested by a security personnel — the army had released a video of the girl’s statement to the police. The statement didn’t mention anything about molestation, instead, it pointed at misbehaviour by a local boy.

“She is under pressure from the police. She is a young girl, just 16 years old,” the mother told NDTV. “She gave the statement under pressure… she has been in custody for 5 days. We are not allowed to meet her.” The police have said the girl and the father are in preventive custody.