“Women welfare beyond Political stunt”

India is the democratic nation.Everyone has to say their opinions and view.Government favours women empowerment.Time to time government puts the law in favour of women’s.Women’s safety is our nations first priority.
Time to time our government takes many actions in respect of women’s welfare and on her safety issues.Every religion is respectfull for our nation,so every religions women’s safety is our government priority.In respect of this our government have done great justice on triple talaq issue.

Triple talaq in India was a subject of controversy and debate.This debate connected to the government of India and the supreme court and is connected to the debate about a uniform civil code.Triple talaq has been supported by the All India Muslim Personal Law Board,a non governmental body that supervises the application of Muslim Personal Law.Supreme Court describe triple talaq as the “Worst form of marriage dissolution”.
Triple talaq issue justice in favour of Muslim women’s gives them new identity.They will be not worried about to lose their marriage instantly.They will be free to say their opinions infront of their husband.This justice not only provide them safe future but it also provide them respect and love.Today’s era where the women performing the dual responsibilities on her shoulders as a housewife and also a working women this justice gave them liberty to live a successful life.We all knows very well women will be success whole family also in the path of success.
We appreciate this justice of government.The issue of ending instant triple talaq was a part of the BJP’s campaign in UP elections and the party believes it paid dividends among Muslim Women.
Conclusion is for the political view it can be political stunt for earning votes but another hand from the social aspect it is the worthfull in favour of Muslim women.This justice save women’s rights.
By-Lalita Rajput