All 4 accused in Hathras ‘gangrape’ case write to SP claiming innocence

The four accused in an alleged gangrape case reported from Hathras in Uttar Pradesh have written a letter to the superintendent of police (SP) here, claiming that they are innocent and have been falsely implicated in the matter.
The letter written from the Aligarh district jail, where the four are currently lodged, has gone viral on social media.
In the letter, the main accused, Sandeep, has also stated that he was friends with the alleged gangrape victim, due to which her mother and brother had thrashed the 19-year-old Dalit woman, leading to serious injuries that resulted in her death.
Hathras SP Vineet Jaiswal has confirmed receiving the letter.
“The four accused gave the letter to the Aligarh district jail superintendent and he sent it to me. I have received it and action in accordance with law would be taken,” he said.
Besides the thumb impressions of the four accused in the case — Sandeep, Luv Kush, Ravi and Ramu alias Ramkumar — the letter dated October 7 also has their names mentioned in it.
It is addressed to the Hathras SP and has been written on behalf of the main accused, Sandeep.
It has been stated in the letter that the woman and the main accused were from the same village, were friends and besides meeting in person, often used to talk to each other over the phone, but her family did not approve of their friendship.
On the day of the alleged incident, Sandeep said he met the woman but her mother and brother, who were also there, asked him to leave, following which he immediately left for home.
It was only later that he came to know from villagers that the mother and brother of the woman beat her up severely over their friendship, causing serious injuries that led to her death, the main accused has said in the letter.
He has also stated that he never beat up or did anything wrong with the woman and her mother and brother had framed him and the three others and sent them to jail.
The three other accused, including Ravi and Ramu who are his uncles, were sent to jail in this “false” case on different days, Sandeep has pointed out.
The accused have claimed innocence and urged the SP to get the matter probed and ensure justice to them.
The 19-year-old alleged gangrape victim died in a Delhi hospital.