Data shows Sagarmala running behind schedule

One of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dream projects, Sagarmala, is running behind schedule even as the cost under pillar ‘Port Modernisation’ has shot up by Rs 20,000 crore — from Rs 2,59,817 crores to Rs 2,61,052 crore.

Data shared with a parliamentary panel by the Ministry of Port, Shipping and Waterways to the Committee, revealed that under the Sagarmala Programme, there are 802 projects worth investment of Rs 5.54 lakh crores for implementation during 2015 to 2035, out of which 181 projects worth Rs 94,712 crores have been completed and 223 projects worth Rs 2.11 lakh crores are under implementation. 398 projects worth Rs 2.48 lakh Crores are under various stages of development.

The Parliament Standing Committee on Transport, Tourism and Culture, headed by MP TG Venkatesh, wanted to know as to how many projects under the Sagarmala Programme have been delayed,  what are the issues for the delay, and what is the cost escalation as a result of these delays.

The ministry informed that there are four categories of projects namely, New Ports, Modernization of Major Ports, Modernization of Non-Major ports and Ship Repair Projects fall under this pillar.

The Committee said in its report tabled in Parliament on Sagarmala Project, that it is disappointed to note that though the concept of Sagarmala programme was approved in 2015, and nearly eight years later only half of the projects for ship repairs are under implementation stage and not even one has been completed and suggested that a dedicated mechanism should be put in place for effective coordination and monitoring of PPP projects in the Sagarmala programme.

However, nearly a year afterwards, only one more additional project has been completed leading to a total of 77 completed projects while 36 projects at major ports and 15 projects at non-major ports are under implementation.

As per the Ministry, of the 175 projects worth Rs 75,064 crores at major ports, 76 projects worth Rs 21,928 crores have been completed and 36 projects worth Rs 12,600 crores are currently under implementation under, which is considered as a dream project.

“A total 242 projects under Port modernization of Non-Major ports and Ship Repair Project, at cost of Rs 2,61,052 crores have been undertaken for implementation by 2035. Out of these 242 projects, 77 projects worth Rs 26,968 crores have been completed,” it


The Ministry informed the Committee that the Sagarmala Programme has a dedicated pillar for Port Connectivity consisting of 208 projects in total worth Rs 1.36 lakh crores being undertaken by various implementation agencies. Out of these 208 projects, 56 projects worth Rs 19,489 crores have been completed and 69 projects worth Rs 84,360 crores have been awarded and are currently under implementation. A total 91 port-rail connectivity projects worth Rs 75,215 crores have been taken up by the ministry with Indian Railways, Major Ports, and Maritime Boards, out of which 34 projects worth Rs 10,393 crores have been completed and 57 projects are in various stages of development and implementation.