Goa LoP thanks K’taka CM for taking steps to stop liquor smuggling

Panaji, Sep 16 (IANS) The Leader of Opposition in Goa, Yuri Alemao thanked Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah for taking proactive steps to stop liquor smuggling.

“His (Siddaramaiah) decision will help Goa from revenue loss. I appeal to the Chief Minister Pramod Sawant to respond to Siddaramaiah and stop smuggling of liquor from Goa to Karnataka,” Alemao said.

The LoP was reacting to the directions issued by Siddaramaiah to officials of the Excise Department to stop smuggling of illegal liquor from Goa.

“Pramod Sawant has converted Goa into a hub for human trafficking, transit of drugs, transportation of polluting and hazardous substances, and smuggling of liquor from Goa,” Alemao alleged.

“Our state borders have become completely fragile with absolutely no monitoring by authorities. In the past one dead body (in an alleged murder case) was taken across the border in tinted vehicles with officials remaining clueless. This shows that there is connivance between Government and Criminals.”

He said that it was loud and clear that the Sawant government deliberately turned a Nelson’s eye on transportation of illegal liquor to Karnataka, when the BJP was in power.

“Chief Minister Pramod Sawant ignored loss to state exchequer to help liquor mafia patronised by the then BJP government in Karnataka,” Alemao alleged.