Rajnath Singh addresses Combined Commanders’ Conference

Kevadia: Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Friday (March 5) saluted the selfless courage of the soldiers during the Eastern Ladakh standoff with China. The Defence Minister addressed the Combined Commanders Conference today at Kevadia.

Singh later took it to his official Twitter handle to express himself. He wrote, “India’s resolute response on the borders has helped in a positive and peaceful resolution of certain significant issues. I salute the selfless courage displayed by the soldiers during the recent Eastern Ladakh standoff.”

It has been almost a year since India and China are in a standoff in eastern Ladakh along the Line of Actual Control (LAC). The standoff was a result of aggressive border skirmishes by the Chinese army. During the standoff, twenty Indian soldiers and an unspecified number of Chinese soldiers lost their lives.

“I spoke (with commanders) on a wide range of issues pertaining to the defence and security of the nation, the emerging nature of military threats, the critical role of the Armed Forces in meeting these challenges and the nature of warfare in future,” he said in another tweet.

“Our ability to secure India’s territorial integrity and sovereignty from external threats and internal challenges have been strengthened in the recent years. Our forces today are proactive and more resolute in their response,” Singh further said.

We are working towards increasing jointness in the armed forces. The optimal utilisation of our resources and rationalisation of manpower holds the key to jointness and better coordination between the forces,” the Minister added.

The Defence Minister emphasised upon the fact that our armed forces are capable to protect the nation’s interests. Singh also added that the nation will nurture close relations and partnerships with like-minded countries.

“Our national interests are defined by the elements of National integration, sovereignty, sociology-economic development, conservation of our values and peaceful and harmonious region and world. We are committed to protect territorial integrity and ensure peace in the region,” he said in the following tweet.

“We as a country are looking to strengthen our ability to create a secure and stable environment that can facilitate India’s economic growth. Our enhanced defence capabilities will allow us to be better prepared for contingencies,” the Defence Minister added.

In the latest developments, on February 21, the defence ministry asserted that the disengagement process by India and China in eastern Ladakh has been ‘completed’ after nine rounds of diplomatic and military level talks.

Additionally, the Defence Minister Rajnath Singh hit out at Congress for questioning the bravery and valour of Indian soldiers. “He spoke on the emerging nature of military threats, the critical role of the Armed Forces in meeting threats and anticipated changes in the nature of warfare in future. He expressed heartfelt appreciation and respect to the courage displayed by jawans during the Eastern Ladakh standoff with PLA”, said a statement by the Indian Army.