Welfare of backwards first priority of country: Modi

Noting that spirit of gender equality and the Antyodaya spirit among Warkari tradition was an inspiration, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Tuesday that the welfare of Dalits, deprived, backwards, tribals and workers was the first priority of the country.

In his speech delivered after inaugurating Jagatguru Shrisant Tukaram Maharaj Temple at Dehu near Pune, Modi said that satsang of the saints was the rarest privilege in human birth.

“If the grace of saints is felt, then the realization of God automatically takes place. “Coming to this holy pilgrimage-land of Dehu today, I am feeling the same way. Dehu’s Shila Mandir is not only a centre of power of devotion but also paves the way for the cultural future of India. I express my gratitude to the temple trust and all the devotees for rebuilding this holy place,” the Prime Minister said.

Modi said that if India took being one of the oldest living civilizations in the world, the credit went to the saint tradition and sages of the country. “India is eternal because India is the land of saints. In every era, some great soul has been descending to give direction to our country and society”.

The Prime Minister said that Sant Tukaram had infused spirit and energy in the country at different times. “Yatras like Pandharpur, Jagannath, Brij Parikrama in Mathura or Kashi Panchkosi Parikrama, Char Dham or Amarnath Yatra, unite the diversity of our nation,” he said.