Madhya Pradesh will play a big role in bringing India among the top 3 economies of the world: Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has said that our goal is to bring India among the top 3 economies of the world, towards which we are rapidly moving. Madhya Pradesh will play a big role in achieving this target. Our resolutions for Madhya Pradesh are big. Madhya Pradesh will touch the heights of development in the coming 5 years. Today, Bhoomi Pujan of industrial projects costing about Rs 51 thousand crores has been done here, which will change the picture and destiny of Bundelkhand and Madhya Pradesh. Industrial development will get new energy. The Central Government will spend more than Rs 50 thousand crore on new projects in Madhya Pradesh. These projects will fulfill the dreams of poor and middle class families. Thank you and best wishes to all of you for participating in this celebration of development.

Prime Minister Shri Modi was addressing a large gathering today at the foundation stone laying ceremony of new industrial projects in Bina Refinery complex. He laid the foundation stone of industrial projects worth Rs 51 thousand crore. These include Petro-Chemical Complex in Bina Refinery complex at a cost of Rs 49 thousand crore and 10 new industrial projects costing Rs 1800 crore at various places in Madhya Pradesh.

Renewable Energy Zone in Narmadapuram, 2 IT Parks in Indore, Mega Industrial Park in Ratlam and new industrial centers will be developed in 6 cities Shajapur, Guna, Mandsaur, Agar-Malwa, Narmadapuram and Maksi. Before this, Prime Minister Shri Modi, Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chauhan and MP Shri V.D. Accompanied by Sharma, he reached the stage in an open jeep accepting the greetings of the public. He also visited the exhibition related to the construction of Petro-Chemical Complex at the venue. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan welcomed Prime Minister Shri Modi by presenting a bunch of flowers and a replica of Sanchi Stupa.

Congratulations to the Chief Minister for industrial development

Prime Minister Shri Modi said that Madhya Pradesh, which was once among the distressed states of the country, is today reaching new heights of development. After independence, corruption, injustice and atrocities have been prevalent here for a long time. There was no law and order. Industry and trade were ruined. The double engine government of the Center and the State has worked with full honesty to change the fortunes of Madhya Pradesh. Earlier, even basic facilities like roads, water and electricity were not there. Today development is taking place in every field. Roads are reaching every village, electricity is reaching every house, water is reaching every area. Investors want to come here and invest. Madhya Pradesh is developing industrially at a fast pace. For this, the people here, Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chauhan and his entire team deserve congratulations.

Prime Minister Shri Modi said that due to the success of G-20, India’s head is held high in the entire world. The name of G-20 is on the lips of every child in every village. The credit for the success of G-20 does not go to Modi but to the 140 crore people of the country. This is the result of India’s collective power. Foreign guests said they had never seen such an event. We welcomed him with open arms. He was impressed by our diversity and rich heritage. G-20 meetings were also successfully organized in Bhopal, Indore and Khajuraho. Madhya Pradesh has played an important role in the successful organization of G-20 and for this I praise Shivraj’s team-Madhya Pradesh.

Prime Minister Shri Modi said that during the golden period of independence, every Indian has taken a pledge for the development of the country, but to achieve this, it is necessary for India to be self-reliant. The foundation stone of the petrochemical unit in Bina today will be helpful in making India self-reliant in this sector. Currently, India has to depend on other countries for diesel, petrol and other petrochemical materials. These projects will give new heights of development to the entire region, new industries will come up and employment will be provided to farmers, small entrepreneurs and a large number of youth.

Stop anti-national forces together

Prime Minister Shri Modi said that today India is emerging as a world friend, it is showing the ability to connect the world. It is our eternal culture that has kept our country together for thousands of years. Lord Shri Ram, Goddess Ahilyabai, Rani Lakshmibai of Jhansi, Mahatma Gandhi all are symbols of our Sanatan culture. Maharishi Valmiki, Mata Shabari, Saint Ravidas, Lokmanya Tilak etc. all have patronized it. But today some anti-national forces are trying to end it. They want to push the country into slavery again. We will have to come together and stop them with all our might.

Public service, Modi’s guarantee

Prime Minister Shri Modi said that service to the public is Modi’s guarantee and it is being fulfilled continuously. We guaranteed permanent houses to all, toilets in every home, food to all, free treatment to all, bank accounts to all, gas connection to every sister and fulfilled it. 40 lakh families have been given permanent houses in the country. Under the Ujjwala scheme, sisters have been freed from smoke by giving them gas connections. The price of gas cylinder has been reduced by Rs 200 on Rakshabandhan. Now the Central Government has decided that 75 lakh more sisters will be given free gas connections.

Preference for the deprived is the basic mantra of governance

Prime Minister Shri Modi said that preference for the underprivileged is the basic mantra of governance. Be it the government of Delhi or Bhopal, we are serving the public by reaching every house. In times of Covid crisis