All standalone showrooms to open in Raipur

The Raipur administration on Tuesday issued a revised order to allow opening of all types of standalone-showrooms including textiles, vehicles, jewellery and electronics.

The administration had not allowed opening of automobile showrooms while extending the lockdown till May 31 in Raipur district.

It had allowed the only vehicle repair workshops. Other showrooms dealing in textiles, vehicles, jewellery and electronics were also not allowed to open.

Raipur Collector Dr S Bharathi Dasan said in an order that the showrooms can open till 05.00 pm on all days except Sunday.

All employees in the showrooms will have to undergo Covid-19 screening and vaccination at regular intervals, it said.

All the employees and customers will have to follow Corona protocol or the business will be shut for 30 days. Automobile showrooms on the outskirts of the state capital can open six days of a week except Sundays.