Boost eco activities in Gauthans: Baghel

Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel on Thursday stressed on the need to boost economic activities in the Rural Industrial Parks being        developed at Gauthans.

He said this while              e-transferring Rs 10.90 crore to livestock holders and Women Self-Help Groups as payment for procurement of cow dung. Till date, the state government has purchased cow dung worth Rs 147 crore, he said.

The Chief Minister      further said that it was the dream of Mahatma Gandhi to make villages self-reliant. The flagship Godhan Nyay Scheme of Chhattisgarh was committed to work in this direction.

He appealed the farmers and cattle owners to tie their cattle or send them to Gauthans so that they can’t graze the standing crops in villages.

This programme has been named Roka-Chheka and this would on one hand protect the crop and will on the other boost the activities of Gauthans, he said.