Chouhan plants Karanj, Saptaparni saplings

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan planted Karanj and Saptaparni saplings in Smart City Park on Tuesday. Vibha Srivastava, Nepal Singh, Manjula Shrivastava and Rajesh Narayan Srivastava of Rang Socio Cultural Society also planted saplings.

Rang Socio Cultural Society is working on environment-protection and cleanliness in Bhopal. This organisation works to make the society aware about environment, cleanliness, Beti Bachao (save daughter) through plays. People are constantly encouraged to plant saplings by the organisation. The organisation has done plantation programmes at more than 50 places in Bhopal.

Among the saplings planted on Tuesday, Karanj is considered important in Ayurvedic medicine. Karanj is also used in religious ceremonies. Saptaparni plant is an evergreen medicinal tree, which has great importance in Ayurveda.

This plant is used in the manufacture of various medicines.