CM acts, ensures edu for distraught girl

Thanks to a sense of      generosity by Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel, a teenage girl who was desperate to study but could not do so due to poverty will now go to school.

Destiny turned a full    circle for the young girl when the Chief Minister noticed her crying in a crowd at his Bhent Mulaqat programme at Bhainsgaon in the Bastar assembly segment.

He asked her to sit beside him, affectionately placed his hand on her head, offered her water to drink and urged her to reveal what was     bothering her.

Now pacified, the girl related her pathetic story — to the Chief Minister and the rest of the crowd.

She said she lost her father 15 years ago. Compelled by fate, she now lives with her mother at her maternal uncle’s home.

She said she and her brother are unable to attend school as they have to do household work with     mother.

Moved by her condition, the Chief Minister asked the Secretary in charge of Bastar district, Ayyaz Bhai Tamboli, to pen an application and immediately released Rs 3 lakh financial assistance to the overjoyed girl.

The girl ran home to share the happy news with her mother, confident that her dream of going to school will now finally materialize.